The Brussels motor show – the absolute mecca for all Belgian car brands

The Brussels motor show – the absolute mecca for all Belgian car brands

February 2019

… and an excellent occasion to have a chat with our many clients in the automotive industry. After all, strolling around the Brussels motor show is a bit like walking through a display of our portfolio!

The image shows Brussels Expo during the Brussels motor show of 2019.
As this is an uneven year, the 2019 Brussels motor show was a so-called ‘little’ motor show. Originally, the difference with the ‘big’ motor shows during even years consisted in the fact that only commercial vehicles were showcased. In time however, brands had started presenting their breaks and station wagons as well, in addition to their SUVs and cross-overs, and eventually including virtually all vehicle types that are not your average sedans. Nowadays, the difference with the ‘big’ editions of the Brussels motor show is fairly minimal.

Whereas many European motor shows struggle to include all the major car brands in their line-up, Brussels manages to pull this trick off year after year. According to the organiser of the motor show, Febiac, the brands pay more and more attention to what they stand to gain from a motor show in relation to the investment it requires. And Brussels is known to be a commercial show. For many brands, the motor show season yields between 20 and 25 percent of their annual turnover in our country. In other words, the brands simply can’t afford not to show up.

Which is why many of our clients, such as BMW, Mercedes, Nissan, Opel, Ford, Jaguar Land Rover and many more, were once again in attendance in 2019. Even Volvo – you’ve guessed it, another valued client of dhaxley’s – continues to come to Brussels, even though it had announced its intention to transition away from attending major motor shows and to host its own events for new model reveals.

Considering all of the above, it would be equally unthinkable for dhaxley Translations not to send a delegate to the Brussels motor show. That is why our sales manager Karen was on the scene. And she wasn’t there to lounge around the gin bar either! In a single day, she managed to meet up with contacts from no less than six of our esteemed clients. Here are the main conclusions she was able to draw from her talks:

We’re on the right track!

Every person she had the pleasure of speaking to was enthusiastic about the quality, professionalism and punctuality brought to the table by dhaxley Translations. This of course makes us immensely proud, as our clients’ satisfaction is our number one priority and benchmark.

Paper is definitely on its way out

As the bulk of marketing material has moved towards the digital plain, the amount of physical brochures published has been steadily decreasing and will continue to do so. The medium through which end users “consume” our translations is obviously something we should be aware of during the production process.

Feedback is key

Usage of client-specific terminology, as ever, is of the utmost importance to all our automotive clients. Keeping a direct line of communication open for feedback is therefore paramount. We have to continue to let our clients know that we welcome feedback and always take it into account. Karen even arranged some appointments with the specific intention of going over terminology with our clients, so that dhaxley Translations remains up to speed on their preferences.

dhaxley is like a fine wine

Our clients have noticed that their collaboration with dhaxley only gets better over the years. It is clear that our policy of meticulously creating and maintaining client-specific translation memories and term bases improves our consistency, lead times and rates!

Never stop tagging along with tech

Many of our contacts show a keen interest in the technology that we use, which is just another reason for us to keep a finger on the pulse of developments. In addition, Karen has also observed a widely supported willingness to try out our Plunet client portal. And this is quite justified! A short introduction to Plunet usually suffices to highlight the many advantages with regard to fluent communication, transparency and time savings.