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Translation – Let’s bridge gaps

On our Sectors page you can read about the fields in which we have accumulated the most experience. In terms of both subject area and language combinations, dhaxley has an extraordinary array of accredited specialists. We work on a daily basis with most European languages, but can also offer suitable solutions for more exotic languages. For instance, we regularly translate to and from Arabic, Farsi, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Mandarin and Vietnamese. Not sure whether we will be able to help with your unusual language? Try us! We don’t give up easily and are likely to be able to locate the rare profile you need for the job. Importantly, we also guarantee that your text will always be translated by a native speaker: at dhaxley, we only work with professionals who translate into their own language.

DTP – Let’s stand out

dhaxley Translations is well aware that a translation is more than just a text. You have thought carefully about the content of your message and then devised the perfect packaging for it: the layout. Whether it’s an internal newsletter with a number of images that contain text, or a full, lavishly designed brochure that’s ready to print, our DTP department ensures that our translations look as professional as your original. Some document types – such as PowerPoint presentations or InDesign files – typically have rich formatting. Your source file is carefully constructed so that all the text fits neatly in, on, alongside, above, below, around and between the layout elements. But Spanish text takes up more space than English… and Arabic is written from right to left! If you lack the resources or time to make the necessary adjustments to the layout, our DTP team can help you out.

Revision – Let’s dot the i’s

All members of the dhaxley editorial team are experts in translation. They stand ready to check your assignments painstakingly and make any adjustments necessary. Revising translations is a systematic and essential part of our translation process. Working in close collaboration with the project managers, our editors are responsible in particular for the correct management of customer-specific terminology, clear communication of the guidelines and selection of the appropriate translator and DTP specialist. Our certified procedures invariably include thorough quality control, assessment and feedback for all concerned: the characteristics of a learning organisation. Moreover, as our client you can indicate what level of revision you want, and we also give you the option to do your own proof-reading before we finalise the translation for you.

Transcreation – Let’s make sense

Translations generally fall into one of two classic categories: literal or free translations. Transcreation goes beyond this distinction. dhaxley can apply this approach to your creative advertising, marketing and other texts for you. We draw on all our savoir-faire, our Fingerspitzengefühl and our yes-we-can mentality. A thorough understanding of both the language and the culture enables us to transfer your message to the target language and appeal to the same emotions. In addition, the subtle art of transcreation enables us to translate your web texts so that they also comply with the main SEO principles in the target language. This enables online search engines to find your website optimally in any language and means your site will be near the top of their search results.

Interpreting– Let’s talk smart

If you want to overcome language barriers in real time instead of through the written word, you need an interpreter. At dhaxley Translations we only work with freelancers with professional training as interpreters. They know their job, their languages ​​and the culture of those languages inside out. Whatever kind of event you are organising and whichever language combination you need, our team of project managers will come up with the right interpreters for you. For example, we have assisted clients with meetings with foreign language concession-holders (English, French and Dutch), and in the context of clinical studies (English and Japanese).

Localisation – Let’s be in sync

You obviously want to ensure that your message is crystal-clear to your audience, but speaking the same language does not always equate to mutual comprehension. Regional differences can sometimes put a spanner in the works and create misunderstandings. To really get through to your target audience, it may be advisable to localise your text, as a text originally intended for a Mexican audience, for instance, may contain phrases that will make Spanish readers cringe. Send your document to dhaxley Translations so that we can cast your message in the perfect mould. We’ll make sure that British customers can store their wet umbrellas in the boot rather than the trunk, even when driving an American car!

Consultancy – Let’s do business

Are you active in various foreign-language markets? Do you need to have texts translated on a regular basis with alternating long and short deadlines? The associated logistics can create some real challenges. dhaxley Translations can devise solutions proactively with you. If you wish, we can take a close look at your workflow together and propose a customised approach. Because we use various platforms and CAT (computer-assisted translation) tools, we have a range of options at our disposal. Some clients, for example, simply send their requests in via email, while others do so directly through our ERP platform, Plunet. In addition, you can easily keep track of what is going on and check translations before their final delivery by using the client review facility in d-tterm, our online translation tool. In the long run, the creation of domain-specific translation memories and terminology databases and the use of appropriate machine translation systems can greatly reduce the cost of your translation projects without any compromise on quality.
Do you want to reconsider your organisational approach or improve the efficiency of your multilingual communication? We will be happy to advise you on the best ways to keep pace with an increasingly global market.

Quality Assessment – Let’s get it right

An ERP system, terminology management, CAT tools, proofing tools, SLA, non-conformity reports, internal auditing, supplier evaluations, … dhaxley Translations continually improves its procedures and instructions in order to meet each customer’s quality requirements with every single project. We translate over 20 million words annually and feel it is our duty to always uphold quality standards. In addition to the ISO 9001 and EN-15038 certificates, dhaxley developed Six Sigma translations® with a view to curtailing standard deviations as much as possible. Do not hesitate to contact us and discover how your organisation can benefit.

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