The most warm-hearted translations? You’ll find them at dhaxley Translations!

The most warm-hearted translations? You’ll find them at dhaxley Translations!

January 2019

During the festive season, we at dhaxley Translations like to bring joy to our fellow men.

The budget that, in the past, was reserved for sending Christmas cards to all our customers was transferred in its entirety to three charities. Of course our loyal customers didn’t have to miss out on receiving our season’s greetings – we conveyed our best wishes via an animated e-card, which managed to get the Christmas spirit across just as sincerely (if not more so) as the physical alternative. In conclusion, we are pleased to briefly (re-)acquaint you with the wonderful organizations that dhaxley, as an expert in medical translations, supports:

Alzheimer Liga Vlaanderen

Alzheimer Liga Vlaanderen (Alzheimer League Flanders) is a patient and volunteer organization of, for and run by family members and caregivers of people with (early-onset) dementia. The league is the contact point for people suffering from dementia, their caregivers, other loved ones and family groups.

Doctors Without Borders

DWB is an international organization with hundreds of projects across dozens of countries. Their teams do their utmost to care for the victims of wars, catastrophes and epidemics. When people cannot receive the medical help they require, MSF considers it its duty to make their indignation on the situation publicly known.

Stichting tegen Kanker/Fondation contre le Cancer

Since 1924, Stichting tegen Kanker/Fondation contre le Cancer has been one of the major actors in the fight against cancer in Belgium. It is a national and independent organization that, as a centre of expertise, is able to adopt a broad and impartial approach to the situation and to identify effective measures. Not only is the foundation present in all regions of the country, it is also part of an extensive international network.

Vlaamse Alzheimer Liga

By Eric Van Den Troost