Automotive translations

Automotive translations are in dhaxley’s DNA

We’ve put a lot of kilometres behind us

If it has an engine, the chances are that we have already done translations about it. For over 32 years dhaxley has enjoyed a cast-iron reputation within the automotive sector. You can count on us to steer our way effortlessly through your documents.

Do you have a press release relating to the launch of your rechargeable hybrid model? An urgent memo to your dealers, or a commercial mailing to your customers? Do you need to adapt a service manual to the latest version of your direct injection turbo diesel? Making a pit stop at dhaxley Translations ensures clear, high-quality communications tailored to your target audience.

Our specialist translators are genuine petrolheads who follow developments in the sector closely. Their repertoire includes both technical and commercial texts.

Ask to see our references and case studies for the automotive industry or request a no-obligation quotation.