Medical translation

Your medical translation in good hands

Sound practice

A medical translation is best entrusted to a partner with expertise. It’s a matter of sound practice.

For 21 years, dhaxley Translations has specialised in the medical sector. Rely on us to translate your patient information leaflets, clinical studies, SPCs, certification documents and much else. We see to it that our translators have extensive expertise and are familiar with the latest regulations in the sector. In this way, we ensure that the quality of your publications is flawless.

At every point in the translation process we are keenly aware that communication in the life sciences centres on the health of humans and/or animals. We set high standards for the accuracy of all our translations, but doubly so in this field. For this reason, we offer additional revision by subject specialists for medical translations.

We are proud of our many fruitful partnerships with clients from right across the life sciences:

  • education
  • medical equipment
  • orthopaedics
  • pharmacology
  • psychology
  • surgery
  • veterinary medicine
  • etc.

Ask to see our references and case studies for healthcare and life sciences or request a no-obligation quotation.