Marketing translations

Translation of marketing texts: an art in its own right

Conveying that compelling quality

Translating marketing texts requires a specific approach. At dhaxley Translations we know that a ‘dictionary-based’ translation is no use to you as a marketing firm. We take fluent, compelling and transparent texts and make them sound just as smooth, compelling and transparent in other languages. And we do not baulk at the often tough deadlines in your sector.

You have considered every angle and weighed up every word, and now you want a version that’s just as good as your fresh and creative source text. We will pull out all the stops for you. We will deploy the translators with the sharpest wits and the most refreshing writing style. An additional stylistic check (in addition to our standard linguistic revision) ensures that the texts will appeal to your target audience. ‘Transcreation’ is the name given to this challenging combination of translation and copywriting for target groups in a different cultural environment.

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