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Getting your website translated = a stronger international presence

Your story in our words

Getting your website translated is not something you do on a whim. You expect your website to showcase your business. Your strengths and added value should be spotlighted, and your customers need to feel that they are being addressed. This is why you put a lot of thought into your website and how it is worded. At dhaxley Translations we are well aware of this. We study your online story closely and listen attentively to your instructions.

At this point, our talented translators take over. Often a literal translation has nothing like the impact of a judicious but looser translation that exactly expresses the spirit of your message. Our translators therefore try to gain a holistic understanding of your website and reproduce this as faithfully as possible. It’s a challenging, creative process that only a reputable translation agency can undertake.

Innovation: translating SEO texts

The importance of SEO or search engine optimisation should not be underestimated these days. As Internet users become increasingly demanding, it is absolutely essential for your company to appear on the first page of online searches, and preferably as close to the top as possible. This can be achieved by applying SEO principles to your web content. Clever use of keywords can get your company to the top of the list.

More and more copywriters are becoming proficient in this art. But what if you have a multilingual website that you wish to optimise in each language? At this point copywriting is not enough: you need the services of a specialised translation agency. The principles of SEO are complex, and a literal translation of an optimised text will not work, as it will negate the benefits. At dhaxley Translations our employees not only have university-level language skills: they have SEO training too. And that means that we can ensure that your customers will find their way quickly to your website in any language.

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