dhaxley Translations joins Ubiqus Group

dhaxley Translations joins Ubiqus Group

August 2019

dhaxley Translations was founded in 1989. Today, its numerous clients in the automotive, medical and technical sectors greatly appreciate its expertise and efficiency. The translation agency has been ISO-certified since 1999, and holds both ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 17100:2015 certificates. This recognition confirms the many years the team has spent among the top-ten translation agencies in Belgium. Supported by values such as sincerity, eagerness to learn and accountability, dhaxley has gained vast expertise in its sector. This knowhow is constantly being converted into increased efficiency and responsiveness.

The implementation of a high-performance ERP system, a widely appreciated client platform, client-based terminology management and extensive translation memories form the basis for strong synergies with our parent company. Ubiqus is a player already firmly established in the translation market, in the fields of marketing and communication, law, finance as well as the medical sector.

This cooperation is already bearing fruit, as shown by our seamless integration. Through this approach, the dhaxley-Ubiqus team will continue to provide excellent global services to its clients and suppliers while keeping abreast of high-speed technological developments in artificial intelligence and neural machine translation.

This takeover, signed at the beginning of April this year, complements Ubiqus Group’s first transaction in Belgium concluded in 2012 (Data Translations, renamed Ubiqus Belgium in early 2017). It consolidates the group’s position as one of the Top-3 biggest language service providers in Western Europe (Common Sense Advisory 2018 ranking).

Read more: https://www.ubiqus.be/en/dhaxley-translations-in-belgium-and-inpuzzle-in-france-join-the-ubiqus-group/