First tango in Paris: the Ubiqus EBDM

First tango in Paris: the Ubiqus EBDM

October 2019

Last month, Ubiqus invited dhaxley Translations to “dance” for the first time, at the European Business Development Meeting (EBDM). Our Sales Manager, Karen, was able to meet her peers from other Ubiqus offices to brainstorm with them.

An exciting opening dance

The annual EBDM took place at the Ubiqus headquarters in Paris on 17 and 18 September, where sales experts from Belgium, France, Ireland, Spain, the UK and the US met. Of course, it wasn’t just a nice get-together; all participants joined in thinking long and hard about what the Ubiqus Group should focus on in the future to allow its business to flourish.

Since dhaxley Translations is the latest addition to the Ubiqus family, it was a great opportunity for our very own Karen to get to know the group’s heritage a little better. She also became more familiar with Ubiqus’ strong technological assets, and in turn was given the opportunity to expound on dhaxley’s expertise. Once again, it became clear how complementary Ubiqus and dhaxley are, and how promising our shared future looks!

All in sync

What did take away from the EBDM? Well, first of all we learned how much Ubiqus keeps up with technological developments in the translation sector (and even leads the way!). The quality of Ubiqus NMT’s neural machine translations is absolute world-class and we can rival with the best in terms of subtitling and transcription.

In addition, we now know that the Spanish department of Ubiqus can be a key partner for dhaxley Translations, since they too specialise in the sector of the life sciences. This is excellent news for our existing and future customers, because thanks to our close cooperation, we now have even more knowledge and resources at our disposal to assist them in all their projects.

Constructive contacts were made not only with the Spanish colleagues, but also with those from other countries. We are positive that we can learn from each other and that we can benefit from each other’s resources. Next year, the EBDM will be a home match for the Belgian members of the group, as the meeting will then be held Brussels. We are already eager to see what lessons and ideas will emerge!

Left to right: Marta (Spain), Leticia (Spain), Anthony (US), Peter (Ireland), Karen (Belgium), Ryan (US), Candi (Spain), Maite (Spain), Vincent (France), Guillaume (France), Grégoir (France), Steven (UK), Cormac (Ireland), Nicolas (France), Valérie (Belgium), Luc M. (Belgium), Luc V.H. (Belgium)