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SEO translation enhances your online impact

Why is SEO so important for your website?

SEO translation, in dhaxley Translations’ humble opinion, is the translation service of the future. Even today, it would be foolish to underestimate the importance of search engine optimisation. Internet users are becoming increasingly demanding, and more and more knowledgeable (perhaps, indeed, they always know better …). Naturally, this means that extremely fast results are always expected.

It’s therefore essential to make sure your business is listed on page one of the results in online searches, and preferably as close to the top as possible. After all, who goes to page 2 of Google search results these days? You can ensure your website does better with search engines by optimising your web texts using SEO. Clever use of keywords can get your company to the top of the list.

Voor SEO services van topkwaliteit kunt u terecht bij SEO expert dhaxley Translations.

How can SEO translation generate more revenue for your business?

More and more authors and copywriters are becoming familiar with the art of SEO, which is useful when you want to present your product or business online. But what if you have a multilingual website that you wish to optimise in each language? It is at this point that the specialist translation agency dhaxley Translations takes over from the copywriter.

The principles of SEO are fairly complex, and a literal translation of an optimised text will not work, as this would negate the benefits. At dhaxley Translations, our employees not only have university-level language skills: they have received SEO training too. With us, you can have your existing web texts both optimised and translated. Drawing on our in-house SEO proficiency and our translation expertise, we can optimise the translations just as good as the source text. In other words, thanks to our SEO translations, your customers will find the quickest way to your website in every language.

An optimised web page will be picked up more quickly by search engines and ranked higher in search results. The SEO keyword associated with a web page must be carefully chosen: this must be done from the point of view of the Internet user looking for a specific product or service. The prospective customer will then see the relevant web page as a result of his or her search, and by clicking on it will immediately end up there. If you have the same web page in multiple languages, you immediately increase the number of potential customers, so SEO translation really does have the power to generate more revenue!

The benefits are there for the taking. Curious about the impact that SEO translation for your website will have on your business? Phone or email dhaxley Translations and we’ll be happy to make a customised proposal!