Petrochemical sector

Need to translate a manual for petrochemical equipment?

dhaxley Translations is up to the job, thanks to our experience in the sector

Translating a manual is the kind of task you prefer to leave to a translator specialising in the field. That’s understandable, as manuals are usually documents that require a certain amount of background knowledge of the subject. But what about a manual for an installation or equipment in the complex petrochemical sector? dhaxley Translations doesn’t shrink from such technical challenges either. Over the years, we have impressed numerous clients in this fascinating industry with our expertise, leading to several fruitful collaborations.

Refining your multilingual communication

Because well-qualified experts are essential in your industry, petrochemical companies attract talent from all over the world. It’s therefore unlikely that everyone in your company will speak the same mother tongue. But another vital aspect of petrochemicals, of course, is safety. Linguistic confusion and muddle must be avoided at all costs. How do you make sure that safety instructions and good practices are 100% clear to all your workers? The answer is clear and unambiguous multilingual communication. And that happens to be the speciality of dhaxley Translations. Which is why some of our clients repeatedly use our language experts – who are highly qualified just like your personnel – for translations relating to health, safety and the environment.

Examples of what dhaxley Translations can translate  for you:

– briefing
– brochure
– memo
– instruction manual
– press release
– process description
– safety instructions
– …


Voor vertalingen binnen de petrochemische sector kunt u terecht bij dhaxley Translations.

We’ll tap the potential of your multilingual communication! Whether you want us to translate a complex technical manual or revise a press release about the introduction of a new cracker, trust in our proven expertise. Phone or email dhaxley Translations for more information or a no-obligation quotation.