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Translate a permit with confidence

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Do you need someone to translate a permit or proofread a permit application? Are you looking for a translation agency with the right expertise for some other document relating to your project? Then contact dhaxley Translations. We understand that you want a technical translator who feels really at home in the construction sector, and we have just that!

From the initial plans and specifications onwards, our technical translators are ready to deliver impeccable texts. Communication between architect, contractor, site management, client and other parties will be crystal clear and free from misunderstandings, thanks to precision translation and proofreading from dhaxley Translations.

Technical translation and professional layout under one roof

It goes without saying that you can arrange to translate a permit for construction or the division of land into building plots and other standard documents with us. But you can also turn to dhaxley Translations for documents with a less common layout, such as building plans and technical drawings, which often contain crucial notes. You have the option to request translations that fully adhere to the source document’s original layout. Thanks to our DTP services, everything will end up in exactly the right place – just as you expect from your construction project as a whole.

Do your texts need to be translated into different languages, or do some of your documents only require proofreading? No problem at all. At dhaxley Translations, we’ll arrange your project from A to Z. We’ll bring in the necessary translators and proofreaders, plan any preparatory and finishing work on the documents and coordinate all the different steps. Our project managers will keep you properly informed about progress and timing. The entire service is provided as standard!

A building project involves a lot of documentation. Examples of documents that dhaxley can translate for you:

– building permit
– building specifications
– call for tender
– description of work
– environmental impact report
– land division permit
– spatial development plan
– special zoning planing
– technical specifications
– etc.


Ook de bouw sector kan rekenen op de steengoede vertalers van dhaxley Translations.

Are you looking for a translation agency to translate a permit? Do you want to keep your construction project free from linguistic confusion? Email or phone dhaxley Translations and lay the foundation stone for successful communication!