Public sector

Looking for someone to translate specifications or proofread government communication?

Entrust the job to a trusted public sector partner

Translating tender specifications or a blue paper is no pen-pushing exercise. Government agencies from federal to local level therefore tend to entrust such assignments solely to partners with an established reputation for the highest-quality translations. We know this to be true at dhaxley Translations, because in many cases they have turned to us.

It is a widely known fact that Belgium’s public sector has multiple governments and other institutions. What is more, as you would expect in a multilingual country such as ours, public bodies have an ongoing need for reliable translations for both internal and external communication purposes. Here at dhaxley Translations, we are happy to be of service for such tasks.

Governing your overheads

At dhaxley Translations, we regularly translate minutes and articles for municipal newsletters. But we’re also the right choice to translate specifications for a tender, or even a complete legal code. We have nothing left to prove!

In addition, we know that the public sector usually works with fixed procedures and budgets, including for communication, and are used to taking this into account. Our project managers will work closely with you and inform you in a transparent way in order to come up with the ideal solution for your communication project.

The public sector can count on dhaxley Translations for translations of documents such as:

– blue paper
– circular
– green paper
– minutes
– municipal newsletter
– specifications
– tender
– white paper
– etc.


Vertalingen voor overheids dienst en gemeente bestuur door dhaxley Translations

Are you looking for a translation agency that already has strong credentials in the public sector? Do you want to translate specifications for a tender, a blue paper or some other specific document? Then feel free to call or email us.