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dhaxley’s translation services have a strong reputation in many sectors. On our sectors page you can read about the fields in which we have accumulated the most experience. In terms of both subject area and language combinations, dhaxley has an extraordinary array of accredited specialists. We work on a daily basis with most European languages, but can also offer suitable solutions for more exotic languages. For instance, we regularly translate to and from Arabic, Farsi, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Mandarin and Vietnamese. Do you have a challenging translation assignment in an unusual language? Try us! We’ll relish the challenge and seek out the rare profile that’s a perfect match for your project. And one other thing: we guarantee that your text will always be translated by a native speaker, because at dhaxley, we only work with professionals who translate into their native language.

Guaranteed top quality thanks to Quality Assessment

An ERP system, terminology management, CAT tools, proofing tools, SLA, non-compliance reporting, internal audits, vendor ratings … At dhaxley Translations we are constantly working on our procedures and instructions to ensure that we adhere to the client’s quality requirements, assignment after assignment.

dhaxley translates more than 20 million words every year, and it’s up to us to monitor the quality standards of our translation services on an ongoing basis. In addition to the ISO 9001 and 17100 certificates, dhaxley has developed Six Sigma translations® with the aim of minimising deviations from the standards.

Transcreation: translation services with an extra touch

Translations generally fall into one of two classic categories: literal or free translations. ‘Transcreation’ goes beyond this distinction. dhaxley can apply this approach to your creative advertising, marketing and other texts. We draw on all our savoir-faire, our Fingerspitzengefühl and our yes-we-can mentality. A thorough understanding of both the language and the culture enables us to transfer your message to the target language and appeal to the same emotions. In addition, the subtle art of transcreation enables us to translate your web texts in such a way that they also comply with the main SEO principles in the target language. This enables online search engines to find your website optimally in any language and means your site will be nearer the top of their search results.

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