Translation technology

Using technology for affordable translations

Are affordable translations only possible with Google Translate? No, we don’t believe so at dhaxley Translations. Translation is a craft in which humans should still always play the central role. These days, however, they are supported by the latest translation technology. What contribution does this technology make? It helps with cost, delivery speed and quality: computer-assisted translation makes the translation process easier, faster and more consistent. Consistent use of suitable tools helps ensure the high quality that dhaxley Translations offers.

Translation memories

We create an individual translation memory (TM) for every client, in which we store all the translations we do for you. If there are similarities between a new text and one that has already been translated, we reuse these elements. This cuts down on the translator’s work, which is good both for the delivery time and financially, since you get a significant discount for the match with the translation memory. That way, you benefit from affordable translations of the high quality you rightly expect from dhaxley.

As well as translation memories, we also create glossaries or terminology lists with your specific terminology or preferred terms. This makes it easier for our translators and editors to ensure that the terms chosen by you are used consistently.

CAT tools

dhaxley Translations closely monitors developments in CAT tools. We also regularly check which tools our external translators are using. In this way we have accumulated experience with all the most widely used CAT tools. Our IT department can easily work with software such as Trados Studio, MemoQ, Déjà Vu and Wordfast. In addition, dhaxley has been using a proprietary online tool called d-tterm for several years. All of these programs allow translators to consult and update our translation memory on a consistent basis. This in turn is your guarantee of a correct, consistent and – not least – affordable translation.

Translation management

There are many factors to consider when starting up and monitoring the progress of a translation project: the volume to be translated, the language combination(s), the delivery date, specific instructions from the client, and so on. To keep track of all this, we use Plunet, a comprehensive ERP (enterprise resource planning) platform. This helps us keep an eye on all aspects of your translation project. For every quotation and every order, we monitor your instructions and requests closely. You can also submit your requests directly through Plunet.

Machine translation

Although the term ‘machine translation’ is met with raised eyebrows in many quarters, the CAT experts at dhaxley keep a close eye on developments in translation technology. Growing translation volumes and the need to cut costs mean that rapid development in this field is indispensable; they are likely to lead to disruptive innovations. With this in mind, we are actively exploring how we can include machine translation in the translation process – for suitable projects – in the immediate future. As ever at dhaxley, quality will be the foremost consideration. Would you like to know if machine translation is suitable for your projects? From TM to MT? Statistical or neural? Our experts will look into it for you.

dhaxley Translations maakt gebruik van vertaal software en CAT tools om u kwalitatieve en betaalbare vertalingen te bieden.

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