Commercial translations

Commercial translations: a special art

Textually explicit material

Commercial translations require a specific approach. At dhaxley Translations, we know that a ‘dictionary-based’ translation is no use to you as a marketing firm. We take fluent, compelling and transparent texts and make them sound just as smooth, compelling and transparent in other languages. We pull out all the stops to deliver translations with as much impact as the text you have created. And we don’t baulk at the often tough deadlines in your sector.

From translation to transcreation

You’ve considered every angle and weighed up every word, and now you want a translation that’s just as good as your fresh, creative and persuasive source text? We will pull out all the stops for you. We will deploy the translators with the sharpest wits and the most original way of writing. They will not just deliver a flawless translation: they will be carried along with the flow of your text and create a reworked version that directly appeals to the target audience. After the translator has finished, one of our proofreaders takes over. As well as the linguistic review, he or she will perform an additional stylistic check. This means you can be completely sure to receive texts that will appeal to your target audience.

This challenging combination of translation and copywriting for audiences in a diverse cultural environment is what we mean by ‘transcreation’. As a strategy, it enables us to hit the requirements for good commercial translations spot-on. It goes beyond the classic distinction between literal and free translations. We really roll up our creative sleeves and draw on our profound linguistic and cultural knowledge to convey your message in an appropriate way to the target language. The ultimate goal is to evoke the same emotional response as the original with a carefully crafted new version.

Een brochure, een persbericht of een ander commercieel document vertalen? dhaxley Translations levert commerciële vertalingen van topkwaliteit!

Need to translate a commercial mailshot, brochure, product description or article for your website? Phone or email dhaxley Translations and ask for a no-obligation quotation for your commercial translation.