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The ideal consultant for your language/translation projects

Do you need professional translations for a large-scale project with a mixture of long and short deadlines? Are you active in various foreign-language markets? The logistics involved can create some real challenges. Let dhaxley Translations devise solutions proactively with you. Our project managers will analyse your project, look at exactly what you need, when you need it and in what way, and then draw up a plan of action.

For example, let’s say a large number of documents needs to be translated within a very tight time frame, because you need some time to review and approve each document internally. In this situation, we can draw up a schedule of partial deliveries. This allows you to start your internal process as soon as the first instalment has been delivered, while we simply carry on translating the subsequent documents. An additional advantage of this is that it makes it more likely that we can work with the same translator for all documents, ensuring maximum stylistic consistency.

As well as advice about professional translations, you can also count on dhaxley Translations for text revision or localisation, or even to hire an interpreter.

As professionals, we are happy to share our knowledge and our tools

Together with you, we can take a close look at your workflow and propose a customised approach. Because we use various platforms and CAT (computer-assisted translation) tools, we have a range of options at our disposal. Some clients, for example, simply send their requests in via email, while others do so directly through our ERP platform, Plunet.

In addition, you can easily keep track of what is going on and check our professional translations before their final delivery by using the client review facility in d-tterm, our online translation tool. In the long run, the creation of domain-specific translation memories, terminology databases and the use of appropriate machine translation systems can greatly reduce the cost of your translation projects without any compromise on quality.

dhaxley Translations biedt u advies en work flow analyse voor al uw vertalingen en communicatie.

Do you want to check whether the multilingual communication in your organisation could be improved? We will be happy to advise you on how to keep pace with an increasingly global market. Feel free to call us or send an email.