Technical translations

The blueprint for good technical translations

In-depth knowledge

For good technical translations, in-depth knowledge and technical understanding are essential. Professionals with both a background in engineering and a gift of languages are not easy to come by. At dhaxley, however, we know how to find such people, and invest continually in training, evaluation, terminology management and the development of client-specific translation memories to support our professional translators. Where others are put off by the complexity, dhaxley sees a challenge.

Energy and environment: key priorities

Over the last few decades, energy and the environment have risen up the global agenda. Renewable, sustainable energy is the core business of many companies today. Even for others, environmental considerations and a well-designed energy policy are key management focuses to avoid being left behind. This is a positive development, as everyone benefits from a cleaner, healthier environment.

The green sector is another area served by dhaxley’s expertise. As a leading translation agency, we are happy to support companies that go green with professional, top-quality translations. After all, good communication is vital to ensure a consistent approach and to exchange innovative ideas. For instance, we often translate articles for major players in the (petro-)chemical sector on their efforts to reduce their environmental footprint, use energy sparingly and provide clean drinking water to communities in need.

dhaxley regularly delivers technical translations on subjects such as:

– engineering
– electromechanics
– hydraulics
– medical engineering
– petrochemicals
– renewable energy
– etc.


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