Text layout after translation

dhaxley saves you additional DTP work with complete service

Text layout does not necessarily have to be an extra task on top of everything else. dhaxley Translations is well aware that translation is more than text alone. You’ve thought carefully about the content of your message and then devised the perfect packaging for it: the layout. Whether it’s an internal newsletter with a number of images that contain text, or a full, lavishly designed brochure that’s ready to print, our DTP department will ensure that our translation looks as professional as your original.

How translation affects layout

Some document types – such as PowerPoint presentations or InDesign files – typically have rich formatting. Your source file is carefully constructed so that all the text fits neatly in, on, alongside, above, below, around and between the layout elements. But Spanish text takes up more space than English … and Arabic is written from right to left! Our DTP team spares no effort to present your translations in an attractive form.

If you wish, you can give the translation a read-through before the layout work is finished. That way, you can make sure that the text is completely to your liking before it ends up in its final layout. If your document contains images or special fonts, just send them to us and our experienced DTP people will implement them in the translation. We guarantee that it will look as if the text layout on the translation and on your source text was done by the same person!

Ontvang vertalingen in volledig afgewerkte lay out via dhaxley Translations!

Maybe you have a document with complex layout that’s in urgent need of translation, but you want to avoid having to get the text layout done by a separate DTP agency afterwards. Or perhaps your own DTP department has no spare capacity right now? Phone or email dhaxley Translations and opt for our complete translation and DTP service!