Text revision – dotting your i’s and crossing your t’s

A professional revision team

If it’s text revision you need, you’ve come to the right place at dhaxley Translations. All members of our editorial team have master’s degrees in languages or translation. They stand ready to check your assignments painstakingly and make any adjustments necessary. Moreover, reviewing translations is a systematic and essential part of our translation process. Working in close collaboration with the project managers, our final editors are responsible in particular for the correct management of client-specific terminology, clear communication of the guidelines and selection of the appropriate translator. Our certified procedures invariably include thorough quality control, assessment and feedback for all concerned: the characteristics of a learning organisation. Moreover, as our client you can indicate what level of text revision you want; we also give you the opportunity to perform your own review before we finalise the translation for you.

Proofreading and localisation

You expect the use of language to be impeccable in important documents intended for a large audience – texts that are to be published for example, or that will be circulated throughout an entire international company. In such cases, thorough proofreading can certainly provide extra peace of mind. At dhaxley Translations, we assess texts based on different criteria: spelling, grammar, punctuation, style, register and terminology. If you ask for proofreading, you won’t just get back a document that has undergone a purely linguistic text revision: you can also count on a fluent text that reflects the target audience and the intended effect.

In order to get through to your audience, it may also be desirable for dhaxley Translations to localise your text. Because speaking the same language does not always ensure mutual comprehension. Regional differences can sometimes put a spanner in the works and create misunderstandings. A text originally intended for a Mexican audience may contain phrases that will make Spanish readers cringe. It is therefore worth sending us your document, so that we can cast your message in the perfect mould. We’ll make sure that British customers can store their wet umbrellas in the boot rather than the trunk, even when driving an American car!

Vertaal bureau dhaxley Translations biedt behalve vertalingen ook tekst revisie en proef lezing aan.

Do you have a message intended for a wide audience, that you want to ensure is put across in a professional and clear way? Then bring in dhaxley Translations for a careful text revision. Phone or email us and we’ll gladly dot the i’s and cross the t’s for you.